Chatbots in 2019

Posted on May 05, 2019

by Josh Marsden

According to Square, 1.4 billion people a year are right now interacting with Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

If you haven’t added this marketing channel to your business, this should be towards the top of your list right now here in 2019.

Facebook Messenger is a highly lucrative and effective channel to get sales from the audiences that you are targeting.

However, it’s also an excellent channel to add to your customer experience, capture leads, and stay top of mind through improved engagement.

Here are the many uses of Facebook Messenger Chatbots that you may or may not know of…


Thus far, Facebook Messenger gets 80%+ open rates. 

If you send a newsletter out to your subscribers on FB Messenger, they will receive it. 

You can’t say the same about email these days, unfortunately. 

Right now, Facebook Messenger is KING for keeping your audience engaged and loyal to your brand. 

  Lead Generation

With Facebook Messenger a part of Facebook, businesses now have the ability to offer a seamless, friction-free, smooth process for prospects to sign up for a free offer.

This is in contrast to the typical, classic process of sending people to a landing page where prospects have to manually type in their first name, last name, and email address to claim an offer. 

Instead, when someone gets into one of your Lead Generation Chatbots in Facebook Messenger, Facebook automatically pre-populates the first name, last name, and email address that’s in a prospect’s Facebook profile so that the prospect only have to confirm that the information is correct by clicking. 

If you are trying to get more phone numbers to call to sell your products over the phone, you can also have your Facebook Messenger Chatbot pre-fill in this value too!

This simple benefit of Facebook Messenger Chatbots is one easy reason why Facebook Messenger is so beneficial for businesses to implement to be able to acquire more leads, at higher conversion rates, and potentially, more cost effectively, especially when paired up with Facebook Ads.

  Customer Experience

Facebook Messenger is a channel that everyone feels very comfortable with. 

In fact, according to Social Media Today, the reason why Facebook Messenger Chatbots are so valuable for businesses is because they are personalized. 

You can pull in their contact details from their registered Facebook profile to be able to create a personalized experience.

Plus, many people have grown a resistance to emails because of businesses and marketers abusing the channel and burning people out on emails. 

Finally, there are many easy and more complex, creative uses that businesses can exploit through Facebook Messenger. 

For example, if you are running a Shopify e-commerce store, you can instantly integrate Facebook Messenger so that customers receive their shipping confirmation, invoice, and more, all delivered over Facebook Messenger. 

If you want to come up with something original and innovative, it is more than likely possible because most Chatbot software applications (EX: Manychat), have Zapier integration and through Zapier, almost anything is possible since Zapier can integrate over 1000 different software applications.For example, one quick win that we get for our new clients that you can get with a Chatbot is by implementing a cart abandonment sequence that follows up with people on Facebook IF they don’t finish their purchase. 

One thing to note, that older demographics are still more comfortable with email so if you serve older demographics with your offer(s), then the impact of Facebook Messenger Chatbots being applied to your business is less than most companies.


This application of Facebook Messenger Chatbots is a bit more challenging than the other applications.

Mainly, it’s for the following reasons:

  1. Buying off Facebook Messenger isn’t 2nd nature yet
  2. There’s considerable work and skill needed to write the conversation out so that it engages, sells, and converts people into buying
  3. The best Chatbots that are focused on getting someone to buy an offer use segmentation to offer a personalized conversation. This adds a layer of complexity that can be perplexing to some to implement or write content for.
  4. Unlike taking people off of Facebook to buy where they buy through a sales page and order form, in our tests, upsell offers through Chatbots are not as high converting as one-click upsell pages being used in E-Commerce sites or Sales Funnels. 

This is how we recommend approaching this application of Facebook Messenger Chatbots:

  1. Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots for small, sub-$20 purchases that can be bought on impulse. This indicates that this application is great for tripwire-type offers that are desigend to generate customers for a low-priced, high-value offer. 
  2. If the offer is over $20, send them off of Facebook Messenger to a Sales Page where the Sales Page can continue the buying process and convert the prospect into a buyer of your offer.
  3. If the offer is a high-ticket offer, for example over $1000, then use a Chatbot to offer an easy, frictionless, seamless process for prospects to speak to you over the phone so you can sell them that way.

Every business has at least one application for this type of Facebook Messenger Chatbot use that can impact the bottom line. 

Next Steps…

Here in 2019, you can’t afford to neglect this valuable marketing channel in your business. 

If you think you don’t have the time, outsource.

If you don’t think that you have the money, sell more.

If you don’t think you can do it, learn or outsource.

Either way, this is one of the best and necessary investments that you can make for your business going into 2019. 

If you need help, go here and book a call with me so you and I can talk about how Facebook Messenger Chatbots can fit into your entire marketing strategy. 

No matter what you choose to do, I highly recommend that you make this a priority here in 2019.


Josh Marsden is the founder of CVO Acceleration and the author of Facebook Advertising Trends and Strategies for E-Commerce. Josh has been seen or heard in multiple media outlets, including Entrepreneurs on Fire, SuperFastBusiness, the Huffington Post, the Big Commerce Blog, and many others. Josh’s passion is helping businesses realize their full potential using Digital Marketing and Online Advertising. When he’s not helping clients, he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, spending time with his son Benjamin, and experiencing all that life has to offer.


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