EP 012: The 5 Profit Amplifiers for Online Advertising

In this episode of The E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show, you’ll discover:

  • The five Profit Amplifiers—Authority, Trust, Monetization, Testing Matrix, and Persuasion.
  • How to get a bigger piece of the pie by showing customers value upfront with your content and your authority amplifier.
  • Creating a system that always refreshes itself and doesn’t ever run out of fresh customers.
  • How to make the ARM5 Formula work for your business.
  • Why these principles are important and how they fit into the bigger picture of creating systems and funnels.

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If so, this show is for you, me and my guest will show you how you too can grow your e-commerce business to seven or even eight figures, so you can go on more luxurious vacations, spoil yourself and your family say yes to more opportunities and become financially free to never have to worry about money again.

Welcome to The E-commerce Performance Marketing Show.

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, welcome back to The E-Com Performance and Marketing Show.

Really excited for this episode because I get to tie it all together.

You’re now going to see what the ARM5 Formula is all about and the principles behind it and then in the future episodes, you’ll see results from the ARM5 Formula you’ll see specific strategies, specific tactics, how we executed, what goes into our marketing, how we are able to do, really, really good marketing for our clients, and processes and things like that, that we do day in day out as well to get our clients results, and more and more.

So there’s going to be a lot coming up that ties back into these foundational episodes…

So in this episode, I’m gonna tie together the ARM5 Formula and go over the last parts of the ARM5 Formula, which is our proprietary counter intuitive strategy and process for helping clients in our mastermind and also in our agency get the best possible results from online advertising.

So let me go over the profit amplifiers here and then I’ll explain what they are.

So ARM5 Formula they’re five obviously stands for these front five profit amplifiers.

You’ve got the authority amplifier, you’ve got the trust amplifier, you’ve got the monetization amplifier, you’ve got the testing matrix amplifier, and then you have the persuasion amplifier.

Now some of these may not surprise you if you’ve checked out previous episodes.

‘Cause previous episodes really explain generating authority, what that looks like, what are some things you can do to do that, how that positions your company, how that helps you be able to scale, because you’re really leveraging what the top of a funnel can do, for you and your company when you’re using advertising.

In summary, the authority amplifier is creating invaluable content that your audience loves as in doing it systematically and consistently.

Not just putting up a few videos, we’re talking about doing it on a weekly or, you know, by weekly basis and getting valuable content out to your website and then amplified by using online advertising.

So that’s gonna again, going back to the previous episode, it’s one part of doing your online advertising three dimensionally.

Instead of just going for the results, which is maybe one and 2% of your market, showing an offer and getting that small percent of your market to buy your product, you’re now trying to get a bigger piece of the pie by showing them value of fronts, with that content, with that authority amplifier, and you’re getting them into your funnel and then you’re using retargeting to move them further and further down the funnel.

So you this way, you’re creating a system that always refreshes itself, that never runs out of new blood, so to speak, for you and your business.

Because if you’re just going direct to offer with ads, and that’s been your strategy, from the get go, you’re gonna hit limits, unless again, going back to a previous episode, you’ve got a hot trending product, or you’ve got incredible irresistible offer and the market loves it and you’re just a top notch copywriter that’s probably paid quite a bit by others if you were to sell your services, and you’re just really good at what you do.

But those are rare cases.

For most people, you wanna systematize, you know, your advertising and how you do that is by leveraging the ARM5 Formula adapted for you and your business.

And part of that is having that top of the funnel, and creating that authority positioning your company as the authority in your market, you can do that through, publishing invaluable content consistently and effectively to your blog and amplifying it using online advertising.

So that’s what the authority amplifier is.

Now the trust amplifier, that kinda of goes hand in hand.

Because if you’re putting out valuable consent to an audience, and you’re also doing it, you know, to your warm audience and letting them see your content consistently through your follow up efforts, you know, what should you should have, if you don’t email, Facebook Messenger, text message marketing, for example.

For example, we’re all if you’re on our list, you’re getting notified twice a week of our episodes of the show.

So therefore, we are creating that trust by providing that consistent value.

So that’s where that comes from.

And that ties back into something else, I’ll explain here, a little bit as well.

So the trust amplifier is creating a trust, in your consent.

And in your follow up.

That’s what that has to do with.

And if you have, you know, this process, this system, this strategy, incorporating your business, then you’re constantly building trust.

And that’s why we have the trust amplifier as one of our five profit amplifiers.

and then the monetization amplifier.

So I mentioned in a previous episode, how important monetization is to the ARM5 Formula and to online advertising.

And that goes beyond just getting the customer it goes beyond just maximizing that initial transaction that goes into how you’re maximizing customer lifetime value, which is one of the first episodes of The E-Com Performance Marketing Show is really focusing on the right metric, which it is number one CLTV, customer lifetime value.

So the monetization amplifier, is all about having that approach with your online advertising.

Beyond just ads, using follow up, using funnels, making new offers, having a promotional calendar, which I mentioned in a previous episode, you know, those all go into amplifying the monetization of your advertising.

This way, you’re getting the best ROI for your advertising budget.

And then finally, the testing matrix amplifier.

Now this is new, we really haven’t covered this, and honestly, I can’t cover everything that goes into split testing and optimization, analytics and reporting and how to get that consistent.

I can’t go into that, in this episode, with everything I’m explaining.

But that will be definitely in a future episode, because I’d love for you to be able to adopt some of our strategies, techniques and principles in regards to testing, because testing is huge.

If you’ve ever put out an ad that hasn’t worked, which I’m sure everybody has.

If you ever put out an offer that hasn’t worked, which I’m sure again, everybody has, then you know that you can just post stuff out and it’s gonna work right away.

You have to test, you have to test, you have test, you have to do that, you have to get the data, if you learn from the data, get the data, learn from the data, right over and over.

So the testing matrix amplifier is really just our process of testing.

And it can really comes down, to keeping it very, very simple.

And here’s the biggest kinda of takeaway that I can give you here from 170 this part of the five profit amplifiers, is always test one thing, and systematize your testing.

So this means that if you’re testing ads, for example, test, only an audience split test, like test, you know, your ad set, which is your audience and the ads in that ad set, test that ad set against other ad sets with other audiences and compare the results.

But don’t change anything else.

Don’t change ad creative, don’t change settings, just add ad sets with additional audiences and then see which audience wins.

That’s your split test.

That’s keeping it simple and effective, and allows you to, you know, really get better and better results and increases in your conversions, your regeneration, your ROI, whatever your KPIs are, if you follow that systematically.

That also applies through your funnels and your website, you know, split testing one thing at a time, this way, you know, exactly what changed and what didn’t, and what that result was this way you can learn from it, and then you can keep building and building on it.

And you should be running tests, you know, consistently on your ad campaigns, you know, one split test in your ad account, for example, and also one test on like, your funnel or your website, okay?

197 You should be doing that consistently.

And that’s what the, you know, testing matrix amplifier has to do with, is really systematically approaching testing, analytics and getting a report and acting on it on a consistent basis, okay?

Then finally, the persuasion amplifier.

So this ties into the six laws of persuasion.

So this is an incredible book by Robert Cialdini, I probably didn’t pronounce his last name wrong.

And I’ve met him and I’ve shaked his hand and I talked about his books, so I apologize, Robert.

So six laws of persuasion are social proof, commitment, reciprocity basically, liking, authority and scarcity.

So the nice thing about all six of these is this happens in our ARM5 Formula, strategy and system, okay?

Social proof comes with your content, because a core audience is gonna see it, and the really hot content will have a longer runtime in that first stage of your marketing that’s being amplified by your advertising.

And your warm audience will see that if you’re running it the way we run our ARM5 Formula, and you’ll see people liking sharing, you know, commenting, that are your customers that are providing social proof and then your cold audience is seeing that content, you know, in your ads, and they’re seeing massive social proof.

Again, it’s all about creating a system out of your ad account.

It’s not about just having one ad campaign getting you ROI.

It’s about creating a system, a stack of ad campaigns that are running the strategy and the process behind the ARM5 Formula, and they all kinda of feed into each other, there’s a way to set it up, okay?

Commitment, so when your audience sees you’re committed to serving, and you’re committed to providing value, just like I am with this two episodes a week, you know, it’s 6:30pm, I’m tired, I’ve got my son, you know, waiting for me, and he wants to spend time with me, and I’m recording this video because I’m committed to your success.

So if you’re running the authority amplifier, and you’re publishing content consistently, to your cold and your warm audiences, that shows commitment, and that’s why it’s part of the six laws of persuasion.

And that’s where reciprocity comes in, when you’re providing value, you get that feedback, you get that value back people are more apt to buy, or just opt in for free offers, you know, they’re, they’re basically, they feel like they owe you in a way, right?

They feel like that you spend a lot of time with them for free and you provide a lot of value to them a lot of impact and they wanna reward you for it.

They wanna help, they wanna see you, you know, be rewarded for all the hard work and the effort that you’re putting into putting value out, you know, to them.

That’s where reciprocity comes in 257 and that’s why it’s a big part of the ARM5 Formula, again, they all tied together.

And then finally liking, you know, they like you, you know, that’s something that, you know that some people will like you some people won’t.

That’s just the way it is, you know, in, in marketing, you really do want to polarize, you wanna stand for something, or you stand for nothing.

So some people won’t like you, but the people that will like you, they’re gonna be activated and they’re gonna be persuaded.

Because they like you, they like your voice, they like your content they like, you know, the face behind the brand, they like everything about what is it, you’re representing, okay?

Then authority, I’ve explained authority and how that kinda of ties in, you know, basically, if you’re putting out invaluable consent, that is well-written, it’s a well-prepared, is research-based, it’s fact-based is experience-based, and it’s also based off of what they want.

Because you’ve done feedback, whether it’s survey feedback, or whether it’s going into Facebook groups or going into Reddit forums, you name it, 281 you’ve got feedback, you know what they want, and they appreciate you for it, and they see you as an authority because you’re providing valuable content that they really wanna know more about, which again, creates reciprocity, and they see that commitment from you and they’re more apt to become a lead and also a customer with you and your brand in your business.

And finally, scarcity.

So scarcity it should be used in a lot of your offers.

Not all your offers, but definitely a lot of your offers like first time customers, you know, you should give them like some sort of one-time deal and a timeframe to take advantage of it and your funnels should replicate what you’ve communicated in your ads and your pages, you know, your funnel should show an expiration, for example, should have email follow up, maybe even additional channels following up leading up to that deadline.

You know, for example, you know, we have an event coming up, and we have emails and text messaging going out leading up to the deadline for early bird tickets for our upcoming event.

So you wanna do that, you want to create, you know, real scarcity there, and you can do that through customization, through your follow up, through your funnels.

And that’s where scarcity comes in.

And scarcity does, you know, make a big deal.

It does create urgency, it does get people to take action, we’ve seen it time and time again.

You know, for example, we’ve ran a few different promo funnels over the years.

But for example, we had this client in UK that sells juicing programs, very successful business, but they needed help they wanted to see more sales coming in, especially from their marketing automation primarily.

And so we helped them.

We basically did like a promo funnel and created a system that we were able to deploy several times throughout the year, and after we did that for a year, in addition to a bunch of other stuff that we were doing for them as well, they saw a 237% increase from the previous year, and partially due to you know, the work that we were providing.

And that’s an example of why scarcity works so well in creating urgency, you know, through promotional type offers.

So, in a previous episode, I said you should create a promo calendar, this way you can plan ahead, you can execute on promotions, you can execute on offers, and you can really maximize the offers you’re making to your audience, whether it’s a pixeled audience or your email list, because those are two huge opportunities that are coming you know from your ads and your advertising.

And the more offers you make, the more money you make.

Don’t be concerned about burning them out, don’t be concerned about getting up unsubscribes, people are gonna unsubscribe from you, they’re not gonna like you.

Maybe they’re not serious about buying the product, that’s fine, okay?

Don’t worry about that so much, just focus on putting up as many offers as possible, and when appropriate, use urgency.

This way you can create scarcity and get people to buy and become customers.

And that’s all tied into the six laws of persuasion here as well.

So here’s some examples, just wanna highlight this, so this stuff works, I wouldn’t be teaching it if it didn’t, because I’m authentic, I’m real, and I don’t spit out BS basically, if I ever ever say anything that I stand behind, is because it comes from real experience, comes from fact, and these are all facts.

We’ve done these types of results because of the ARM5 Formula, and because of everything that I explained in this episode, in previous episodes, good?

We did a 1524% ROI using Facebook ads for example, that’s in a free case study, you can go to our website and go through and check it out, sign up to go through it’s a very detailed, comprehensive 40, 45 minute training that really ties into the ARM5 Formula and gives you a little more specifics behind the scenes more than an episode of the show.

We also did 93,000 in one day, 93,000 in one day.

Now, there was a lot of momentum, as you can imagine behind that, but see, that’s why the ARM5 Formula is so powerful, because it’s a system.

It’s not just a one time advertising campaign or one time use, it’s creating a system, a profitable system that creates automatic growth, month after month, year after year.

That’s what the ARM5 Formula is, and because we had that momentum, when we drove an offer on one day really, really hard.

We were able to get 93,000 in sales for that specific client.

And here’s another example.

So this is from November 15 to December 15.

We were able to do a $474,915.17 in 30 days, and most of that is attributed to advertising.

But again, it goes back to putting the system in place.

This way you can keep building that momentum, you keep building the top of your funnel with the cold audience the amplification of your content, using retargeting to move people down as we capture more leads, capture more customers and your further monetizing your customer base.

So we say you really have happening in your business, that’s all in the ARM5 Formula.

And with this episode, I’m finally tying up loose ends by going over what the five means in the ARM5 Formula and how we were able to achieve some of these results that I’m explaining here, so if you want to check out that case, and again, go to our website, and check it out the free hundred percent.

Go there, click on the free case study in the top right of the menu and go ahead and sign up will be will send it to you right away, you can go through it on your own time, totally cool and you’ll learn soo much from doing that, and you’ll see how the ARM5 Formula ties into how we run our ad campaigns or funnels or optimization for one of our clients where we get incredible results.

So I hope you enjoyed this episode of The E-Com Performance Marketing Show, and if you’re serious about growing your business here in 2020, and you really want to have the best year of business yet you wanna seize everything you’ve ever wanted in your life, and you wanna make this year the year where you actually do it, so talking about it, well then I invite you to take action, Come join me here in Scottsdale, Arizona for the ARM5 Formula Intensive February 18th, through the 19th, where you’re gonna discover more about the ARM5 Formula, you’re gonna discover the specific strategies and processes and we’re gonna go through them for your business as have that you can systematizes this in your business.

This way you can grow your business automatically, from profits that are generated from online advertising month after month, year after year hundred percent on autopilot because, you’re using a proven strategy and a process that’s gonna be adapted for your business, I guarantee you that you will leave with that as a result.

So if you want that this is limited to 30 people, I only have enough time, space, bandwidth, resources, to be able to do that with 30 people because of me and my team members that’s gonna be teaching you.

It’s gonna be very privately very curated, it’s gonna be very effective and just very impactful, it’s gonna blow you away against it as you make a huge impact on your business year 2020.

So if you’re interested, click on the link below for the ARM5 Forming Intensive, early bird tickets are available right now but price is going up very very soon, so you want to act now, especially if you’re an action taker you wanna make 2020 your best year yet.

So thank you guys so much for being part of the audience of the E-Com Marketing Show, I look forward to recording the next episode.

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Josh Marsden is the founder of CVO Acceleration and the author of Facebook Advertising Trends and Strategies for E-Commerce. Josh has been seen or heard in multiple media outlets, including Entrepreneurs on Fire, SuperFastBusiness, the Huffington Post, the Big Commerce Blog, and many others. Josh’s passion is helping businesses realize their full potential using Digital Marketing and Online Advertising. When he’s not helping clients, he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, spending time with his son Benjamin, and experiencing all that life has to offer.

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