EP 021: How to Unlock MORE ROI From Your Marketing With Attribution Models Part 2

Remember a couple of episodes ago when we talked about the importance of attribution models and how you can use them to scale your advertising campaigns?

Well, we are back this week with even more information on this very topic to help ensure you’re getting as much information as possible about the performance of your online advertising.

Episode 21 of The E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show picks up where we left off in discussing attribution models and why they are so important to your e-commerce brand. Now we’re going to take things a bit further and discuss a few more concepts.

Today, we cover four of the five attribution models and I’m going to show you a few examples from one of our client accounts so you can picture doing the same thing in your business. I’ll also show you a real-life example of one of our clients in Wicked Reports to help you see what attribution data looks like and how you can start using it in your business.

These really are little hinges that swing big doors! This is an advanced topic, so feel free to post your comments below the video or save them for our weekly Facebook Live.

WARNING: If you haven’t seen the previous episode, don’t watch this episode. Go back to the video from two Wednesdays ago and watch that one first. That episode includes the fundamentals of attribution reporting and what the value of it is to you. You’ll need this information to really be able to understand what we are talking about today.

Even if you’re a seasoned marketer who is spending a ton of money on online advertising, you need to know where that money is going. In this episode, we pick the conversation back up and discuss

  • Why attribution reporting is so important—again—and how it can really help you determine what campaigns to double down on.
  • Four more types of attribution reporting including First Opt-In, Last Click, Re-Opt-In, and Full Impact.
  • How effective Last Click attribution reporting can be for those running Facebook ads.
  • The process of using Re-Opt-In reporting to find people who have fallen out of your funnel and get them reengaged using a special campaign offer.
  • Using Full Impact attribution to see your overall ROI from your entire channel to get a clear picture of what is working for your business.
  • See examples in action from a hands-on perspective to learn how to implement them in your business.


Josh Marsden is the founder of CVO Acceleration and the author of Facebook Advertising Trends and Strategies for E-Commerce. Josh has been seen or heard in multiple media outlets, including Entrepreneurs on Fire, SuperFastBusiness, the Huffington Post, the Big Commerce Blog, and many others. Josh’s passion is helping businesses realize their full potential using Digital Marketing and Online Advertising. When he’s not helping clients, he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, spending time with his son Benjamin, and experiencing all that life has to offer.

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