EP 050: Discover the Secrets of The Sales Whisperer, Wes

Can you believe we’re already on our fiftieth episode of the E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show?

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Or… in our case… Giving all of you tons of value to help you grow and scale your E-Commerce business.

To help celebrate, we have another incredible guest for you today. They call him The Sales Whisperer… Wes Schaeffer.

Wes is an entrepreneur who rehabilitates salespeople and trains their managers. He’s a high level copywriter, sought after speaker, and advertising automation expert. And he’s also the author for two-and-a-half books on sales, marketing, and CRMs. Oh… and he’s also the host of the Sales Podcast and Sushi CRM Podcast.

He’s a really great guy, father of seven, and an amazing digital marketing expert with a wonderful sense of humor.

This is a good interview to watch if you’re coming from a sales background or even if you’ve never been in any sort of sales position prior to starting your online business. On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the ability to have good sales conversations on the phone or Zoom is important to everyone including E-Commerce brands.
  • The various ways Wes uses content like quizzes, books, and more to help forge bonds with sales customers.
  • The choice some E-Commerce business owners have to make when you hit a certain income level.
  • How Wes equates the sales process to dating and why this really matters when growing your online brand.

Watch this episode of the E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show as our host, Josh Marsden, the international bestselling author of Facebook Advertising Trends and Strategies for E-Commerce and as seen or heard on Entrepreneurs on Fire, SuperFastBusiness, and The Huffington Post interviews Wes Schaeffer (The Sales Whisperer) about various ways to become a better at sales and grow your E-Commerce business.

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